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Panel Overview

Medico Research’s panel is a huge panel for healthcare professionals in the most geographically diverse in the industry, with panel recruitment and management executed under strict guidelines. Individually recruited and verified, our members are profiled with up to 80 key metrics, allowing clients to best target respondents. With exceptional response rates and global recruitment strategies in place to assist with difficult studies, clients are able to gather valuable data from healthcare professionals around the world.

We are committed to building and maintaining the industry’s leading research panel. Medico Research panel is recruited and managed under the highest standards and highest quality professional across the globe.

The global span and diversity of our panelists gives you flexibility with projects, as well as the ability to gather information in hard-to-reach locales. With all physician specialties, sought-after medical professionals, and a large array of healthcare consumers represented, Medico Research offers a complete global solution.

Our quality measures and panel composition allows you to spend your time focused on results, rather than being concerned with panel integrity or project feasibility.

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